foot doctor, or podiatrist, can help you with problems that affect your lower legs or feet. Podiatrists are qualified to care for your feet because of their education and training. They offer a variety of services that can be helpful if you have issues pertaining to the ankles and feet. Read on to find out about the services foot doctors offer.

Services a foot doctor provides

The health of the feet is essential to a person’s overall health and well-being. Feet are complex anatomical structures with many bones, ligaments and tendons. These all have to work together perfectly to keep a person moving. The feet do a lot of work on a regular basis. By the time a person is 50, the individual will have walked thousands of miles on them.

Regular foot care can ensure that a person’s feet are up to the task. With proper treatment and care, most problems can be prevented or minimized. It is always recommended for a person to see a foot doctor for foot and ankle issues. Here are some services foot doctors offer.


Podiatrists treat both adults and children for many foot-related conditions. Podiatrists are qualified to diagnose and treat foot problems like fractures and sprains, heel pain, bunions, hammertoes and neuromas. People who have symptoms of foot problems such as foot pain are always advised to call a foot doctor. The doctor will assess the condition of a patient’s ankles and feet. The podiatrist will also order X-rays and lab tests to help diagnose the problem.

During the first visit, podiatrists can treat particular problems that affect the ankle and feet like ingrown toenails, lower back and heel pain and foot deformities. Podiatrists can suggest several treatment options including orthotics, padding, medication or physical therapy to treat the problems. If other treatment options are not effective, podiatrists can decide to perform surgery. Foot doctors sometimes work with other health care providers.

Systemic conditions

Foot doctors treat systemic conditions that can have a negative impact on the ankle and foot. For people suffering from diabetes, gout or arthritis, the doctor can help relieve discomfort. Diabetes can have a big impact on the feet so a patient can benefit from seeing a podiatrist at least once annually. The podiatrist can help manage the condition and prevent complications. When a person adds a podiatrist to the health care team, the foot doctor can provide valuable information that will help the patient to effectively manage the effects of diabetes on the feet.


A foot doctor is a surgeon or physician who is qualified to handle concerns pertaining to the foot, ankle as well as connecting parts of the leg. Podiatrists can diagnose and treat many injuries and diseases involving the lower extremities. Foot doctors can provide treatment like orthotics and prescribe medications. If necessary, these doctors can recommend surgery or refer a patient to other health care providers. If you have any issues concerning your ankle and feet, you can benefit from seeing your foot doctor as soon as possible.

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