A hammertoe is when a muscle and a ligament imbalance and around the toe joint which then causes the middle toe joint to bend and become stuck. It can be irritating and painful for a lot of people, especially because it occurs in the feet which support the entire body.

Hammertoe treatment options do exist and knowing what they are can be beneficial for anyone that is experiencing the irritation that comes along with it. Today, we will address different treatment methods for healing hammertoe.

What options are there for hammertoe treatment?

Non-medicated hammertoe pads

These non-medicated hammertoe pads fit around the top of the toe joint to help relieve the painful pressure that comes along with hammertoe. There are also hammertoe cushions that exist to relieve a person of pain from the hammertoe. These ease pressure on the toes so that a person can comfortably walk without experiencing pain.

Wide toe-box shoes

It’s in a person’s best interest to invest in shoes that have a wide toe-box meaning they are high and broad across the toes. This eases up the pain or pressure that may come along with wearing normal shoes that could be tight across the toes. Wide toe-box shoes provide a person with extra space from the top of their toes to where the shoe touches them. While there is extra space, it should allow for a person to not experience much pain or pressure when they are walking around.


Gently rubbing the toe that is in pain can significantly help with the pain and pressure that one may be feeling from a hammertoe. Massaging the hammertoe a little each day can help soothe the pain even if it is temporary. A physical therapist or massage therapist may be able to help do this for you as well.

Anti-inflammatory medications

Over the counter medications that reduce inflammation can help relieve a person’s pain and pressure that comes along with having a hammertoe. While it’s important not to rely on these medications for too long, they can help subside pain and pressure until one can visit a medical professional.

A hammertoe can cause a person pain and discomfort as well as cause problems for everyday activities such as walking and even standing. Knowing what ways hammertoe can be treated will help a person who is experiencing it. While ultimately, a person should speak with a medical professional, these treatment methods can help a person temporarily. It’s best to always seek the advice of a doctor but these remedies can do wonders for some.

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