Foot surgery can be scary and nerve-wracking, but it is often necessary so that a person can get back to functioning properly. Knowing how to prepare for an upcoming foot surgery is important so that the surgery and aftercare go smoothly.

Though technology has evolved and surgeries are now pretty innovative, it is still an invasive procedure that may require extra care be given. Find out more in this article as we outline the best ways to prepare for foot surgery.

Preparing for foot surgery

There are a few important things that someone can do when preparing for foot surgery. While most doctors and nurses will prepare you as well, it can be helpful to do a few things on your own beforehand. These tasks may seem simple now, but they might become incredibly difficult after the surgery.

Prepare the house

One of the most important ways to prepare for foot surgery is to get your home ready. After surgery, it can be difficult to fully navigate around the house. Preparing the house by making things easier to access or ensuring that doors are open can be helpful for after the foot surgery is done.

Necessities that are on the second floors of homes should be brought to the first floor so the use of stairs can be avoided. Climbing stairs after foot surgery can be painful and harmful to the surgery.

Make arrangements for help

Most foot surgeries involve pain and swelling afterward, it can be helpful to arrange a family or friend to help you out after the procedure is over. It can be difficult or even impossible to be on your feet after the foot surgery and having someone around who can help may be a good idea so that your foot can heal properly.

Ask questions

Preparation for foot surgery also involves being well educated on what exactly will happen. A lot of people go into surgeries knowing that they need it but they may not be 100% sure of what exactly is involved.

Asking questions is a great way to prepare for foot surgery because it is a major procedure that limits the ability to walk or stand. Having all of the information beforehand can help ease fears or anxiety that might be growing prior to the surgery.

Set out proper clothes

Clothes should be set out prior to foot surgery so that they are ready to go whenever the person is ready to change. Getting clothes ready for the upcoming healing process can be helpful later on down the line. If they are easy to access, then less work will be required to actually change.

Talk to an orthopedic surgeon today!

Orthopedic surgeons are typically the specialists who perform foot surgeries. They can go over any other preparation tips that may be helpful for someone who has an upcoming foot surgery.

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