Podiatry work can be a big relief if you are suffering from foot pain or other conditions. While your general physician may diagnose and treat some minor issues with this part of the body, a podiatrist can provide more help. You may not think much about visiting this medical professional until you are experiencing nagging problems with your feet.

What podiatry care can offer

A podiatrist is a physician that focuses on diagnosing and treating conditions that affect the foot. This doctor may also address any abnormalities of the toes. A podiatrist has the knowledge and training to treat infections and assist people in resuming full mobility and function of their lower limbs. The physician may prescribe medication, recommend lifestyle changes or perform surgery to correct the health concern.


Podiatry has a place in treating patients with arthritis. This disease causes inflammation and swelling in the joints. Because the foot has 33 joints, this area of the body is prone to suffering from this health condition. The podiatrist often treats arthritis patients by doing physical therapy exercises and starting the person on a regimen of medication. For some patients, the doctor may ask the person to wear inserts or may prescribe certain types of shoes.

Breaks and sprains

Though common among athletes, people of all ages and all levels of physical activity can deal with these issues. Accidents such as a slip and fall are known to cause fractures or sprains of the foot or ankle. In podiatry, the doctor may treat severe cases by casting the injury or performing surgery if necessary. The doctor can suggest ways the person can avoid future incidents and may provide the patient with a brace or other support to wear going forward.


This painful condition occurs when the joint at the base of the big toe is out of place. It will cause the toe to bend toward the other toes on the foot. The podiatrist can relieve the discomfort with medication or therapy. Related to this hammertoe, which happens when one of the toes does not bend correctly.


This disease can affect many parts of the body, but it often attacks the feet by damaging the nerves. Podiatry treatments can help a patient who is losing feeling in the lower extremities. This condition restricts blood flow to the feet, but a podiatrist can help prevent this from happening. If a diabetic patient does not get prompt treatment, a doctor may have to amputate one or both of the person’s feet.

Caring for many troubles

If you are struggling with any of these health conditions, you should contact a podiatrist near you. Podiatry could be your first line of defense when serious concerns arise with your feet. You can get the treatment and care you need so you can remain mobile and active. Your family doctor may refer you to a podiatrist. Make an appointment with one today so you can work on stopping the problem before it gets too severe.

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