The speed at which one is able to recover from ankle surgery depends on how much they allow themself to rest and how well the post-care instructions provided by the podiatrist and surgeon are followed. This review highlights three effective tips for recovering from ankle surgery as quickly as possible.

How to make a fast recovery after ankle surgery

Patients can help ensure a fast recovery from ankle surgery by planning in advance for rest at home, following the post-surgery aftercare instructions closely, and keeping the swelling to a minimum through the RICE method and other at-home anti-inflammatory techniques.

Plan in advance for adequate rest during recovery

Needless to say, rest is essential after ankle surgery. In fact, it is one of the main factors in determining how long the recovery process takes. The more time that is allowed for proper rest, the faster the recovery will likely be.

Take care of any necessary physical tasks prior to ankle surgery and be sure to also purchase plenty of healthy foods to eat. It is also helpful to make the existing living space is comfortable before the procedure and find fun things to do, such as reading a book or binge-watching Netflix.

Follow the post-surgery instructions closely

The surgical staff or podiatrist should provide a list of clearly stated post-surgery instructions to follow. For example, most require patients require to take certain medication and do small exercises to slowly improve strength and mobility in the ankle. There are also hygiene practices that are important to follow to avoid an infection post-surgery. Be sure to review all post-surgery instructions closely and follow them as directed.

Keep the swelling to a minimum with the RICE method

There is likely to be some swelling and discomfort after ankle surgery. Patients can minimize the inflammation and discomfort, however, by taking over-the-counter medication as prescribed and using the RICE method (rest, ice, compression, and elevation). Ask the podiatrist about how to properly implement the RICE method into the post-care routine to allow for a speedy recovery and reduce inflammation and discomfort.

How long does ankle surgery recovery take?

There are various factors that affect the time it takes to recover from ankle surgery, such as the severity of the injury and how well the patient follows the aftercare plan. In general, ankle surgery recovery takes anywhere from five to eight weeks with the average time being around six weeks. Of course, following the three tips above can help for a faster recovery time.

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