DPM is the title for a Podiatrist. It stands for Doctor of Podiatric Medicine.

Podiatrists do more than cut toenails and shave calluses. We are so much more, we are the specialists and experts for feet and ankles and the last several decades have proven that. For many years, the foot and ankle were neglected and little research went into it’s understanding, but Podiatrists have made great advancements along with Foot and Ankle Orthopedic surgeons to improve our knowledge and skills.

Many seminars are held throughout the country in all aspects of foot and ankle care, ranging from medical to surgical, from wound care to orthotics. Foot and Ankle experts from all over the nation share their skills and talents in lectures and hands-on cadaver labs to make all of us the best choice for foot and ankle care and surgery.

Schooling is 4 years of graduate school with a surgical residency to follow.  From day one, we know we are going to be foot specialists and though our training involves the entire aspect of medicine. But it doesn’t stop there, with more clinic hours and surgeries over many years dedicated to foot and ankle care, we rise to the demand our patients ask…great doctors with expertise.

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