Meet our staff



Melissa is the office manager/medical assistant here in our office and has been with us for 6 years. She has been in the medical field for about 10 years and loves every minute of the patient care and interaction. She is the mother of 2 kids and 2 grandsons. She enjoys spending time with them whenever she can. She also loves riding horses, camping in the summer and snowmobiling in the winter. Really she loves anything outdoors.

Nina grew up in Pocatello and graduated at Pocatello High School with honors in 2011. After bouncing around for a few years she focused on Medical Assisting and has loved it since. She graduated with Associates of Applied Science in 2016. She married her sweetheart in 2012 and has a two-year-old son. She enjoys being outdoors with her family, especially camping, hiking, and hunting. Her family recently purchased two horses and she enjoys training them. She also enjoys her work here at Ambulatory Foot and Ankle and hopes to continue to learn and grow.



Koree grew up in Pocatello and graduated from Pocatello High School in 1998. She is married and the mother of four kids. She enjoys skiing and spending time with her family. She is the friendly receptionist that is waiting for you at the front desk.



Kayla is one of our newest staff members. She is also currently a student at ISU. She grew up in Inkom. She is often the staff member helping the patients be roomed, take X-rays, and much more things to make the office run smoothly.

Our Mission

Many avoid the doctor as long as possible. We understand that your pain and frustrations along with meeting a new doctor and staff can be scary and uncomfortable. With our friendly staff, we will strive to make your appointment as pleasant as possible as we all try to get you better. We are willing to do all we can to get you back on “your feet.”