1. Hammertoes: usually this is the next toe over, the 2nd digit. The constant push of the big toe against the 2nd toe can create over many years a few problems:

  • It can cause the little toe to drift upward:
    • The lack of weight load to the big toe joint, which occurs when a bunion gets larger can increase pressure then to the 2nd metatarsal phalangeal joint: the joint that is next to the bunion area.
    • The ligaments and capsules on the bottom of the foot will weaken and possibly tear.
    • This leads to a dislocation and worsening of the hammertoe to this digit.
    • This becomes a separate problem that will lead to callouses, corns, pain, and possible sores.
    • These problems require constant conservative care or surgical management.
  • It can get pushed down and the big toe will drift over the 2nd toe, making the bunion a bigger deformity over time.
  • The toe may not move but the constant pressure will create a corn on the inside of either the big toe or the 2nd toe

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