Lapidus Bunionectomy:

This is another surgical techniuqe often used to correct bunions. This is simply a fusion that addresses the bunion at the joint called 1st tarsometatarsal joint.  Look at the post-bunion xray of a Lapidus and note where the screws are located to get an idea of where the surgery occurs.

Wait a sec! This is behind the bunion. Why do surgery there? Let me explain:

  1. Look at the other lesser metatarsal bones. NOtice how they are straight and that the bunion is also a straight bone but simply is not in a straight position. That is cause it deviates at the 1st tarsometatarsal joint. So by doing the surgery here, the deformity is addressed at the point of rotation.
  2. By working towards the back of the bone, a more aggresive correction can be achieved. This is necessary in very bad bunions. Look how bad this bunion is: 
  3. Surgery at this location can address pronation better, which is the biomechanical problem that creates bunion which decreases the chance of bunion recurrence. Also certain bunions have too much mobility and the fusion helps lock these type of bunions in a straight position.