Bunion Surgery

Let’s talk bunion surgery.

First, let’s see if you are ready to move on to a foot operation. If you answer yes to the following questions, you may benefit from bunion surgery.

  1. Is your bunion pain greater than 6/10?
  2. Has conservative therapy failed?
  3. Is it keeping you from doing what you want or need to do?

Why do these questions matter?

  1. It’s important you try not to have bunion surgery only for cosmetic reasons, (i.e; straighten the big toe). I say this because what your wish may not come true or may create more pain for a condition that had none. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of foot surgery.
  2. Switching shoes or wearing orthotics might be all you need. If so, you avoid a surgery and that just may be worth a shot.
  3. Although bunion surgery requires a fair amount of time to heal, overall, the goal of the surgery is to get you back to what you want and/or need to do. But what if you currently can do all these things and surgery makes it worse? Just something to think of before getting under the knife.

Second, it’s important to understand what your post-op care is like, but that depends on the type of surgery your bunion needs. Click on the link to learn about the surgery and its individual post-op path.

  1. Chevron/Austin
  2. Lapidus
  3. Big toe joint fusion