Big toe joint fusion

Is a joint fusion right for your big toe joint? It just may be…let’s look deeper.

Let’s start with the reasons to have an arthrodesis of the metatarsal phalangeal joint (big toe joint).
  1. Arthritis: The loss of cartilage and diminsihed joint space lead to a joint that is rather painful. Overtime spurs are most likely to form as well. A fusion takes the two bones and makes them one. No joint…no pain.
  2. Bad Bunion: Very deformed hallux valgus deformities may just do better with a fusion as it could be the ultimate result of locking the joint straight…and leave it very unlikely to return.
  3. Bunion Revision: Sometimes, instead of redoing a bunion with the same procedure it had years ago, perhaps an arthrodesis would be a better option.